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Teen Driving School
Apr 13, 2014


MSR Houston’s Driving Program is committed to maximizing drivers’ skills to maximize their safety, bringing their skill level up to that of the car so they can be in safe in all situations they may encounter.

Our Teen Driving Safety School is an experience beyond driver's education that gives novice and beginning drivers the opportunity to experience extreme situations in a controlled environment. The primary emphasis of this school is a "hands-on" driving experience that can teach students many aspects of how to control a car safely in real-world situations.

This is not a course to learn how to drive at high speeds. Car control, accident avoidance, and spatial awareness are the primary objectives. Classes are for teenagers who have at least 6 months of driving experience. Begins at 10 a.m. and ends around 2 p.m., depending on class size.

For more information, please visit the Teen Driving Safety School page ( or call 281-369-0677.


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