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Winter Challenge


Are you ready for the MSR Houston Winter Challenge?

Join us for some great winter racing: MSR Houston's Winter Challenge is returning back. The series is open to Spec Miatas, Spec Racer Fords and those wishing to participate in the Reverse-Australian Pursuit Time Trial.

All Challenge groups will compete in a 5-round championship. Each round will feature two 8-lap heat races, one in each direction. The finishing order of the previous race will determine the starting grid for the next race, except faster guys will be penalized slightly at our discretion to increase competition. New drivers will be added to the back of the grid.

Participants will earn points throughout the rounds by their finishing order in each heat race, as well as bonus points for fastest qualifying lap and fastest heat race lap. The champion will be determined by your best four rounds, plus you bonus points. The champion of each class will receive his or her name on a plaque in the MSR Houston Clubhouse. First through third will also receive trophies.

The cost for each Winter Challenge event is $50 for members and $75 per race for non-members and a donation to Toys for Tots. Registration will be open online at This year's event will only feature a Finale Dinner on December 28th. Spectators are welcome.

The goal of the Winter Challenge is to provide a fun and entertaining outlet for winter racing. Please help us continue this goal by following these rules:
  • All drivers must hold a valid Novice, Regional or National license with a sanctioned racing body (SCCA, NASA, etc). If you don't, please contact Sydney at 281-369-0677 for more information.
  • Cars must be built to Spec Miata specs (either NASA or SCCA) or SCCA Spec Racer Ford specs. This includes running the tires specified for competition (in SM, NASA=Toyo & SCCA=Hoosier). All Time Trial cars are heavily encouraged to have a cage. All cars are required to run a transponder. If you need to arrange a rental, please let us know when you register. The karting track will not be able to provide transponders for these events.
  • Drivers must provide a current MSR Houston Tech Form as well as their current SCCA, NASA, HSR, etc logbook. Cars are required to be under a current, valid annual tech inspection stamp. To schedule an annual inspection in advance, please contact Sydney at 281-369-0677.
  • Cars will be issued a Challenge-long tech sticker upon review of logbook. This sticker must be present at all events to go on track. If for some reason you decide to change cars mid-series, please bring your logbook in for a new sticker.
  • Each round schedule will be posted one week before the event. Groups will be combined accordingly to maximize track time for everyone. If you don't pre-register, groups may be dropped for lack of participation.
  • Drivers will be held to a gentlemanly standard. Aggressive behavior and excessive off-course excursions will result in penalties and or expulsion. We're here to have fun, not take Brad Keselowski's ride in NASCAR.