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Classifieds  » Race Cars  » Wolf GB08 - Used 2011 Chassis

Wolf GB08 - Used 2011 Chassis

by sydney
For Sale

The winning CN car in the SpeedEuroseries in Europe for 2102. Won 10 of 12 endurance races.

This car has a carbon fiber tub/chassis with Honda K20 (255HP) and a Sadev 6 speed sequential transaxle. Race ready will full datalogger, fire system, etc.

This is a true two seater. You can get two 200 pounders in this cockpit with little problem. A coach, buddy, girl friend or wife will fit!

SCCA Homologation for CSR is applied for the K20 engine and ASR for the V8 and 320 HP K2X motor.

This car is 7 secs. faster per lap at Spa than a Porsche Cup car and 2 seconds faster than a GT1 458 factory car. The Wolf costs a fraction of the GT1 car and is much less expensive to repair and maintain.

Go Faster, Spend Less!

Used cars from $140,000.

New cars also available with 320 HP and a 400 HP 2.4 liter V8. The 320 HP engine has the same power to weight as a Porsche RS Spyder LMP car. The V8 has a much better power to weight ratio than the Porsche RS Spyder.

Price: $140K+

Contact data

Dean Turnbaugh
Phone: 512-261-1462

Classifieds  » Race Cars  » Wolf GB08 - Used 2011 Chassis

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